Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 World Boxing Hall of Fame

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Congratulations to the World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 2008

Saturday,  Novemeber 15, 2008

LAX Marriott
Los Angeles, California

2008 Boxers Catagory

Lennox "The Lion" Lewis
42-1-2 (32 KO's)

Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker
40-4-1 (17 KO's)

Marvin Johnson
43-6 (35 KO's)

Greg "The Mutt" Haugen
43-10-3 (19 KO's)

2008 Expanded Catagory

Miguel Diaz

Akihiko Honda

Gilberto Mendoza

Alberto Reyes

2008 Posthumous Catagory

Guido Bardelli

Fighter of the Year

Antonio Margarito

Fight of the Year

Israel Vasquez vs Rafael Marquez III

1 comment:

brian said...

...and I nominate-in advance-Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez IV-as...they haven't fought in around five the next fight of the year...(hopefully not being too nitpicky..without checking Lennox Lewis' record,he was stopped by Oliver Mccall and Hasim Rahman...then there's the ha ha draw with Holyfield...who I hate to remind anybody has another title fight next month with..I think Valuev)...I'm still in pain from Marvin Johnson's fight with Mathew Saad Muhammad..

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