Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Manny and Oscar

Well, you guys know I was really pulling for Oscar. I like the kid. Always have, always will. I remember years ago when his pro career was starting to gear up, maybe after the Rafael Ruelas fight in 1995. Oscar was being interviewed and he stated that his plan was to retire by the time he was thirty. He was going to be smart. He didn't want to end up the way a lot of other guys did. I'm paraphrasing but you get the point. In the end he did what they all do, or at least most of them, he had one fight too many. They want to go out on top but instead they drag themselves down even further. I hope Oscar gets smart again.

I was there the night Oscar beat Chavez in their first fight, it was the same situation, a young strong fighter facing an older fighter, maybe up to that point still a force but clearly not what he was. Chavez became an old man that night. In the second fight Chavez was unable to come out for the fifth round. Oscar was overjoyed, as he should have been, nothing wrong with that. It's the nature of the business.

Fast forward 12 years, Oscar unable to come out for the 9th round, Pacquiao overjoyed, as he should be. It's a tough, cruel, and for the most part, an unforgiving business. Somewhere out there right now is a young fighter. Maybe he's Mexican, maybe he's Italian, Irish, Jewish or black, it doesn't matter, he's out there, skipping rope, hitting the bag, listening to his trainer. Maybe he has already had a few fights, maybe his star is just beginning to shine. Right now he has no clue he's the chosen one. He couldn't possibly. He'll be gunning for Pacquiao someday soon. it's inevitable. It's inescapable. Pacquiao's only chance is to retire at the right time. Otherwise...... Well you know the story. we've seen it enough times.

I don't know for sure but Manny strikes me as a guy that knows when to retire but then going back a few years, that's what I thought about Oscar.

I was talking to a couple of guys after the fight. The names Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr (remember him?) came up. I said I was 100% convinced that Pacquiao beats both, and as easy as he beats Oscar. I added that not only does he beat both, he beats Cotto too if they fought. I finished by saying if he fought Margarito he has a chance. Thatmight be stretching but right now I would believe anything about the guy.

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Anonymous said...

Whereas I was once completely skeptical that a Hatton/Pacquiao could even take place, I am now convinced that it most likely will take place and in the near future. I don't feel he'd have a shot against Mayweather because I don't see him landing flush shots on him. Manny's technical skill has shot up leaps and bounds. I know. I'm a believer. I just don't think he can find Floyd if it were to happen. I think Cotto or Margarito is pushing it but Manny continues to surprise me and I think with a heart like that, you can do the near impossible. Through it all, I still want to see a third Marquez/Pac fight. I thought Marquez won their second match and I know Manny has become much better in a technical sense since that fight. Still, Hatton/Pacqiao would be a gigantic treat for fight fans. Talk about two blood and guts warriors.

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