Sunday, January 25, 2009

Take away the fists of stone and Margarito is mortal, even unimpressive

By ScottG

The reason the substance was discovered in the first place was that he had a lump in the wraps over his knuckles that Mosley's guy complained about. They found that the wraps were damp and appeared to be hardening like plaster of Paris after cutting them off for the re-wrap. the wraps have been bagged and saved and they will find out exactly what the substance is. I can only wonder that if the representative for Cotto didn't see an unnatural"lump" he wouldn't have objected like Mosely's guy did. Remember Mosley's guy objected to a lump in the wraps not a hardening substance. I also find very hard to believe that Margarito had no knowledge of this happening. He is a good fighter with a good record, and his work ethic always seemed to be top notch along with his heart and chin. So why cheat? One dimensional punchers with good chins are entertaining but rarely hold onto belts very long. Especially when you take away their hardened wraps.

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Randy De La O said...

That's the million dollar question Scott. Why cheat? Was he cheating when he lost to Paul Williams? Until proven otherwise his win over Cotto is legit. But the stigma is there. I don't know if he can recover from both the loss to Mosley and the stigma of being a cheat. I do however understand your point. It's not without merit. Everyone involved, including cash paying fans, deserve a clear cut answer.

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