Friday, March 13, 2009


An email from my friend, former sports writer Bill O'Neill,

I visited Chris Arreola's training camp at Indian Willie's Gym in Riverside Wednesday afternoon. While Chris does not seem particularly inspired about his next assignment--taking on the giant Jameel McCline at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in a bout that will be televised live on HBO on April 11--he is viewing it as another step toward a shot at the heavyweight title, and is rounding into shape.

Chris has won all of his 26 fights as a pro, scoring 23 knockouts. He lives here in Riverside; and in spite of his intimidating appearance and somewhat irregular training habits, he is a very decent, friendly, soft-spoken young man. If he becomes champion of the world (as I think he will), he will become an immediate media sensation--and the best representative our sport has had since Joe Louis.


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JRH said...

I enjoy watching Arreola and think he has the potential to be a champion within the next couple years. I just hope he can put in the work to condition himself to deal with some of the larger guys in the division. He has heart, power and an exciting style, but even in this brief doesn't seem to be driven enough to come in his best shape. He will need that conditioning on his way up the ranks. Best to him.

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