Friday, March 13, 2009

Update, on Trout, Rodriguez and Han in Torreon, Mexico

The latest email update from Torreon, Mexico, per Trainer Louie Burke.

Well our suspicion of bad news was confirmed today at 8:00 am, but their could be some good news with it.

We're extremely disapointed that Avendano pulled out due to a contract dispute, there goes the tiltle eliminator. In Avendanos place will be Martin Avilla, a local from Torreon residing in juarez. Austin knows he cannot look pass this kid, even with a less than steller record, it appears as if he's been the victim of mis-management, His losse have been against experienced foes and he has a win over Saul Duran, has been the Mexican light middle-weight champ and has gonne 12 rounds. He was KO'd his last fight but it was overseas against an undeafeted fighter, Koji Sato who is 13-0 with 12 KO's and is a full fledged middle-weight.

I wish we could have fought the fight we prepared for, But since it's not going to happen we can't look past Avila.

The good news is that there is a possibliry according to Nacho Huizar that the Avendano fight will happen in El Paso sometime in May. I'll gladly take it on the home turf.

It was a long day. Two huge press conferences, that reminded me of the way boxing was covered a couple of decades ago, a full house of spectators and media.

Austin and David then had to tape the Telivisa entry for Saturday, then go get physicals.
Why isn't it this easy in the states?

Abie Han arrived at 8:00pm, ate and went for a short walk. He then called it a night at 10:00pm.

David's fight is still a go for the NABA title. Austin's fight looks like it will probably be reduced to a 10 rounder. David has to be ready to go in the ring by 8:45 and austin is know the swing bout.

During the press conference tempers flaired between Pucheta and David. David felt when Pucheta put his fist up to his chin during the stand-off, Pucheta shoved his fist into his chin a little to rough while posing for cameras, so he knocked his hand away causing a little pre fight mayhem. Not Much came of it, just some finger pointing and a few curse words.

Abie's opponent is Juan Carlos Ochoa, a debuter from Gomez Palacio, the sister city that lies just accross the river from Torreon. We know nothing about him.

I wanted to make a correction. expected attendance is 9,000 not 40,000. Sorry I misunderstood, but a sell out is expected.

The card as it stands today is 11 bouts long.

Featherweights 4 rds
Tomoki Kameda vs Carlos Hernandez
3-0 0-1
Japan Gomez Palacio, Durango

Light-weights 4 rds
Gerardo Diaz vs Cristian Rojas
6-0-1 7-0-1
gomez Pl. Monclova

Welter 4rds
Francisco Reza vs Adres Reyes
6-0 8-1-0
Torreon Gomez Pl

Middle 4 rds
Abie han vs jaun Carlos Ochoa
2-0 debut
El Paso Gomez Pl

fly 4 rds
Noe Rosas vs Irving Cortez
5-2 5-1-1
Mexico City Nuevo Loredo

Mini-fly 6rds
Jose Rodriguez vs Tony Rodriguez
15-0 4-4-1
Mazatlan Gomez pl

Middle 4 rounds
Gerrado rojas vs Alberto Martinez
2-0 debut
Torreon Monterrey

Super-light 6 rds
Ricardo mijares vs ricardo Rejeda
12-0 6-2-1
Gomez Pl Monterrey, NL

Super Welter 12 or 10 rds ?
Austin Trout vs Martin avila
16-0 9-4
Las Cruces Torreon/juarez

Heavyweight 12rds
David Rodriguez vs Manuel Alberto Pucheta
30-0 23-3
El Paso Tucuman, Argentina

Crisitan Mijares vs Nehomar Cermeno
38-4-2 16-0
Gomez Pl Venezula

Whew! I didn't realize how many fights there was, I guess we're in for a long night.
Thanks for the support.

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