Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why, Arturo? By John Bardelli

Special From John Bardelli

Life is not as it always seems and rarely is it rewarding. As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.

Stated another way, the transforming laws of physics, as described by Newton, apply to the unfolding of human drama be it good, bad, or indifferent, in the same manner that those laws govern all motion in the Universe.

In the same respect that the immutable laws of physics apply across the board, equally, in non-discriminatory fashion, within and upon the life of every man, woman and child, those same laws of physics play themselves out in a morality play converting Newtonian laws of motion into human masks of sorrow, jealously, self pity, regret, guilt, remorse, as life weaves itself day in, day out, into a coat of varying colors and shades of meaning.

If one drinks to excess, the intangible messing with the human physiology, eventually takes its tolls in ways not known but in a predictable and steady fashion, as an ocean tide.

If one is unfaithful in a relationship, a ticking time bomb will explode…it’s only a matter of time.

If one is abusive of a loved one and oblivious to the needs of a family… the human emotion of guilt will raise its head and provide a response that the vast majority will never see evolving for they do not want to be exposed to an unfolding of the future of their own destiny. It is easier to enable and to put one’s head in the sand.

Add to the equation, the physiological damage to one’s brain from having entered that squared circle, where only Angels should dare to tread, and combine that act with the inevitable sheering of neurons taking place, therein, coupled with the sucking up of the compelling adulation, the bravado, and the cheering of the mob… all the while the forces of self-denial setting in which thereby induce the recipient to erroneously conclude that those punches are incapable of taking their toll---denial to the point of no return… and you have on your hands the making of a Shakespearean tragedy engulfing and consuming all who come within the circle of enabling denial.

History provides its answers in a manner we don’t like to reflect upon and, indeed, shun in examining in detail the closing chapters which are there for examination and reading. It is so transparent--- and so readily available for all to witness were we to look at only a few of the once glimmering and now imploded stars of the Universe:

Grim, Nelson, McCoy, Papke, Fontaine, LaMotta, Arguello, Robinson, Charles, Louis, Pep, Machen, Foley, Turpin, Mills, Chacon, Lopez, Quarry, Norton, Ali, thousands more and, … dare we say, … Gatti.

Ah Gatti… one can only wonder what demons grabbed you in your moment of extreme remorse--- a remorse for conduct transformed into guilt and shame… and a crying out for help… setting into motion conditions which took you down the road to an oblivion… where it was not bad enough to have not only assaulted the one you professed an undying love for on the night that you were about to forsake the world--- much in the same fashion Judas did when the enormity of his own transgressions sunk in and transformed Iscariot, a disciple no less, over the enormity of his own guilt and lead him to his own self inflicted strangulation,… but, indeed a state of mind which would allow you to engage in a contemptible act without foresight that your own death, taken by your own hand, would bring even more contempt and ridicule upon the same Amanda Rodrigues you professed to love and, thereafter, forever render her an obstacle of scorn and hatred by those whose lives mimic your own---wasting their allotted hours in debauchery until their souls can take no more, rendering as yourself, a plaintiff cry---”Enough” And the die is cast---the end is here-- and oh, what a tangled web we weave.


Michael Gerard Seiler said...

R.I.P. Arturo Gatti
Thank you for visiting my boxing blog! A little off topic...I saw that you work in HR in NYC in your profile. I lost my job in Manhattan on 2/26 and I am still looking for work, preferably in NYC. What industry do you work in? I was wondering if I could send you my resume? I was with one company for the last 5 years.

Randy De La O said...

John, that was straight from the heart. It should be required reading!

Anonymous said...

I'm still not convinced he took his own life. It was extremely convenient for it to happen in Brazil, where she's from. If anyone knew how corrupt the police force is, she would. the "hanging" wasn't even brought up until almost 2 weeks later, after the "cover every angle" autopsy, which concluded "murder, suicide, or natural death". And the head wound, he got it when he was cut down, AND HIS HEAD HIT THE KNIFE ON THE GROUND??? PLEASE! This whole process has made me literally sick to my stomach. Did you know or ever meet Arturo? If so, you'd not have rolled over on this "investigation" so fast and take it as the whole truth.

Jose Gonzalez said...

My website will keep Arturo Gatti's legacy alive by giving out some of his fights to his fans. I'm sickened to my stomache as well from the news. Ive watched Gatti almost everyday of my life over the past 10 years. In honor of his life's passing I will give boxing fans free fights of Arturo Gatti. To see Gatti fight is to apprecite and love him. One did not have to come from the same country as the fighter he is watching to really admire and respect Gatti while he performed in the ring. Visit and simply request for some "Gatti" fights so you can see your fallen hero and you will not be billed. From day 1 I have given back to the boxing world in so many ways at once. I give to families such as the Corrales and McClellan families and always help in some way when a member of the sport I love has fallen or needs help. I removed the Gatti career while I decide on a charity or person who can benefit from the sales of it. I would give proceeds to his family although im not so certain that Gatti is guilty of suicide. No other fighter refused to give up and walked through so much pain during countless battles. No other fighter literally had a career of "fights of the year". Whether it was the mid 90's or the middle of the next decade, Gatti seemed to keep wining the Ring Magazine's "fight of the year" award. I hope that you're in heaven because how can heaven exist without being able to see an Arturo Gatti fight live!

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