Sunday, August 09, 2009

California Boxing Hall of Fame 2009

California Boxing Hall of Fame 2009 Program

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Registration & Social Hour
Roast Prime Rib of Beef Luncheon
12:00 noon

5332 Stevens Place, Commerce, California 90040
(off the Santa Ana Fwy (5) at Atlantic Blvd.

Luncheon Ticket - $40.00
Tickets almost sold out!
(818) 761-4887
Fax: (818) 7614887

Meet & Greet "Boxing Legends"

Manny Pacquiao, Charlie Powell, Michael Buffer
Sugar Ray Robinson, Davey Gallardo, Freddie Roach,
Roy Englebrecht, Van Barbieri, Jack O'Halloran
Timothy Ray Bradley Jr., Gary Shaw
PJ Goosen, Robert Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Ken Green,
Howard Smith, Jackie Richardson, Alex Ramos, Jesse Reid,
Paul Andrews, John Bray, John Jackson Sr., Gary Ballin,
Kid Rayo, Tony Cerda, Ed Holmes, Tony Fuentes, Bob Fuentes
Paul Vaden, Jesus Pimentel,
Heavyweight Champion - Jim Jeffries


Anonymous said...

Ramon "Kid Rayo" Rodriguez, nicaragua, is not only one of the greatest boxers of his time....he is someone to remember. he is a great friend, father, husband, and grandfather. he now lives in Granada Hills, California and is and always will be a honorable boxer. We all love you!

Love always,
Desiree Monique Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

Kid Rayo has touched the lives of so many people, in his many travels and daily encounters. In his Country of Nicaragua, he was a Hero & will always be a Legend.
After knocking one of Central Americas Gladiators Tuzo Portuguez & claiming Welterweight Title of Central America, he received a telegram from the President of Nicaragua, congratulating him for his Victory.
Yes a VERY Honorable man.

Anonymous said...

In 1957-1961 I was a Catholic priest assigned to St. Malachy Church on 82nd st. in Los Angeles. Paul Andrew's parents (fine people) belonged there and introduced me to Paul who was making a comeback after an injury a year or so before, in a major fight in New York. Paul was also employed. At the behest of his manager, I attended a number of his fights at the Olympic Auditorium. He won all of them until fighting Curley Lee (who had a successful career until he himself suffered brain damage). After being transferred from that parish I lost track of Paul. Some years later, I left the priesthood and became a probation officer and am now retired. All my memories of Paul and his family are the highest. They are still in my prayers.

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