Saturday, August 08, 2009

More on Moyer by Roger Esty


I remember Denny Moyer. I remember a lot of fighters like him that were fighting too long. But whether they needed the money or not they seemed not to care. I think they knew in the back of their minds that things would only get worse. They never talked about it because that would be sniveling and fighters don't snivel. Denny Moyer wasn't a sniveler. Nice enough guy sober. Get him drunk,which didn't take much doing,and you better be on his right side. But sniveling? Naw,how can you have fun complaining?

The stories we read about the Moyers back to the Langfords,and recently the Gatti's and Arguellos,and the recent HBO documentary on the Resto/Collins fight-it's part of the world of boxing. We feel for them,but what can we do? Boxing isn't one of those sports where kids are honed like Little League. (Remember that Walt Disney series,'Moochie And The Little League?).Can you imagine Walt Disney putting together a kids' show called "Moochie And The Boxing Ring?" Society would push The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelties To Animals to the back burner.

Big venues for boxing are Vegas and Atlantic City. Gamblers are on it like flies on sh-t. There'll never be a world or even a national commission to control it because the leeches would have to move on.The leeches are in control. Congress won't do anything except ask basesball players about steroids.

If Denny is coherent I don't think he'd want anyone to feel sorry for him.It's good that he has his wife. I've always thought fighters' wives are the best. Their bridge to heaven is their suffering watching their husbands engage in the ring. But wherever Denny is,I think he's still trying to find a good time.Too bad we all cry watching him struggle.

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