Harry Kessler started refereeing fights in 1927. By conservative estimate, he donated over $200,000 to
children charities from his referee earnings before he retired as an active referee.   Refereeing was a pastime and not a vocation to him as he owned a large company and he was its metallurgist --- by all accounts, Kessler was a pre-1950's millionaire.   As Kessler stated,  "I never favored anybody in the ring!"  Indeed, it does a great disservice to the history of boxing and the memories of either Rocky Marciano and Harry Kessler, to revise history by reporting what is not factual and all of boxing suffers from it --- including the reputations of the principals involved in this September 1955 epic encounter --- Rocky Marciano, Archie Moore and Harry Kessler.
by John A. Bardelli