Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Louie Burke's New Mexico Boxing Update

By Louie Burke

This weekend in Monterrey, Mexico was a success, we were blessed that the opponents weren’t much and David and Abie came away with victories. Abie’s opponent was supposed to be a little tougher than he proved to be and Davids opponent, Daniel Bispo had a problem with the body blows that David dished out. David ended up catching Bispo with a left hook to the head, dropping him.Then the end came with a barrage of punches causing the ref to put a halt to the fight in the second round. David now feels he’s ready to step it up and test his KO power against some stiffer competition and names we recognize. I feel confident that he’s more than ready for the task.

Abie made short work (60 sec.)of his guy, dropping him with a straight right after hitting him with a crushing left hook to the body, moments before. This opens the door for Abie and hopefully will give him the chance to fight soon for the Asian/Pacific title. Winning this title would give Abie a top 15 ranking with the WBC.

Austin is in good ole Youngstown, Ohio, home to great champs like Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini ,Harry Arroyo, and Kelly Pavlik. Since the Japs are avoiding him, we decided to send him to spar with Kelly Pavlik helping him prepare for the Martinez fight, scheduled April 17th. . This is the best way for "No doubt" to stay motivated and get some good solid work and sparring, while we wait to find out when and where were going to fight Nobuhiro Ishida.

We're proud of David Pena and Tim Meek for their Golden Glove wins in Clovis this weekend!  Also, proud of Hecter Carrete and Ayana Vasquez for their hard work and good efforts. .

Siju Shabazz and I will be going to Baku, Azerbaijan March 8th for the first event put on by the World Series of Boxing. Siju has committed to the new organization and I was lucky and blessed to be selected as a coach representing the U.S. My understanding is that I’ll also be involved in the training of fighters from other parts of the world.  This will be an exciting challange I'll look forward to.

Last but not least, I want to thank Larry Clark and Dona Ana Boxing for their help and assistance in helping these kids get ready buy allowing us to use their beautiful facility!

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