Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Classic West Coast Photos

Many thanks to Pat Ruggiero for sending me these classic old photos. Pat was one of the trainers from the old Main Street Gym in Los Angeles and learned his craft from veteran trainer and manager Ralph Gambina. Pat worked with Middleweight Mike Nixon and featherweight David Sotelo

Ralph Gambina and Heavyweight John Baca at 
the Main Street Gym in Los Angeles, California

Pat Ruggiero and Ralph Gambina

Middleweight Mike Nixon, Pat Ruggiero, Sugar Ray Robinson and 
Ralph Gambina at the Main Street Gym, Los Angeles, California

Sylvester Stallone and Pat Ruggiero at the 
Main Street Gym during the filming of Rocky in 1976

Pat Ruggiero and Bobby Chacon

Al Silvani, Frank Sinatra, Hank Sanicola, 
Ralph Gambina and Cisco Andrade, 1950's

Pat Ruggerio working the corner of David Sotelo during Sotelo's
fight with Art Hafey, April 15, 1976 at the Olympic Auditorium

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Anonymous said...

Mike Nixon was a helluva fighter...great hands and fast .....he beat David Love's butt in San Diego but love kept throwing low blows so Mike did it back and they stopped it with a ND....BOGUS Hope he is doing ok. Ken Becht ..San Diego

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