Friday, December 17, 2010

Press Conference Brawls

Watching Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal go through their little scuffle during their prefight press conference made me think of my favorite press conference fight, when Marco Antoni Barrera popped Kennedy McKinney right on the kisser for mouthing off and McKinney took it. It was too funny. Then after a tough fight Barrera kicks his ass again and stops McKinney in round 12.

In the second video Don King hosts a Top 10 Boxing Press Conference Brawls. Marco Antonio Barrera made the video along with Erik Morales. Watch how quick Morales reacts when Barrera punches him. Split second reaction. Riddick Bowe does a pretty good job on Larry Donald. I don't usually agree with Larry Merchant but he is 100% correct when he calls boxing "The Theater of the unexpected".

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brian said...

May be my bad short term memory situation-but the only one that I thought that beat the press conferences were Barrera-McKinney
& Barerra-Morales(all three..after last night,Morales remains on a roll-and I'd rather see him fight
Pacquiao than Mosley)...the Ali-Frazier press conference..I think was before their second fight,easily the weak link of the three..

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