Monday, January 31, 2011

Update on Austin Trout and Camp " No Doubt:"

By Louie Burke

Today, Monday, Jan. 31st will be our last day of camp “No Doubt’ in Ruidoso, NM. The weather has been extremely cooperative here in the high country, despite some chilly mornings, which we expected to encounter and prepared for. Austin’s training regime has been intense and very productive, with the help of “Moose’ Gomez, Joaquin Zamora, David Ordirica, George Romero and Ruidoso Downs’ First Baptist Church, where the gym is located.

Austin’s will be tapering off the intensity of his workouts and go into maintenance mode, we’ll also be concentrating on strategy for the fight . He’s in tremendous condition and will work at a level to maintain his conditioning and sharpness, while resting his body and allowing it time to recover, for the big night. After his run today, we’ll be headed down the mountain to ‘Cruces. Where we’ll get in a evening workout. Tuesday at noon, we’ll be headed off to the airport after a morning run and expect to have a light “shake-out” after we’ve arrived and have gotten settled in Guadalajara.

The people of Ruidoso, have been extremely helpful, with a special shout-outs going to Optometric Physician, Dr Anatole Gutowski and the West Winds Lodge and Condos. We also want to thank boxing expert and writer, Austin Kileen, who offered his house in Albuquerque for us to stay in and train at.

Again, thank you all for the support you’ve given us.

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