Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amir Khan Wins Technical Decision Over Paul McCloskey


By Randy De La O

As expected Amir Khan of Bolton, Lancashire, defeated Paul McCloskey of Northern Ireland in a fairly one sided fight last night. Though he dominated the fight, with speed and hard punches, many of his punches were missing the mark. There is not much to say about this fight. Winning a fight you are supposed to win is a good thing I suppose but again it makes it hard to know where he stands in the overall picture of the 140 lb division, despite the fact that he is the WBA Junior welterweight champion.

The fight was stopped in the 6th round after an accidental clash of heads that caused a cut over the left eye of McCloskey. Maybe it's not for me to say but the cut had just happened and McCloskey should have been allowed to continue the fight. McCloskey, for his part was cool under pressure and fought gamely despite losing every round. Still, whether the fight was stopped or allowed to go on, it would not have made any difference, McCloskey was in over his head in this one.The fight went to the scorecards with all the judges awarding Khan a 60-54 decision victory.

Up next for Khan will be WBC and WBO Champion, American Tim Bradley, this coming July. Khan will have his hands full with Bradley. This is a fight to look forward to.

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