Friday, April 29, 2011

Classic Photo: Rick Farris vs Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza (L) vs Rick Farris
Jose Mendoza (left) vs. Rick Farris
The Forum - 1972

"Mel Epstein & Johnny Villaflor were in my corner. I was 20. Referee was Dick Young. The fight was televised in L.A. on KTLA Ch-5. We had a war. I got the decision. Two nights earlier, my pal actor Reb Brown, carried me out of a bar (I was too young to drink but they served me anyway) and tossed me into the back of his van.
In those days Reb Brown was known as Bob Brown, a former USC running back and amateur boxer with the Johnny Flores stable.

The next day I was a no-show at the Main Street Gym for a warm-up/loosen up session the day before the fight. I was paralyzed with the worst hangover I would ever experience. I would hear the phone ring and know it was either Mel Epstein or my girlfriend calling, no way was I going to answer. The next night I paid the price. What should have been an easy win, was a tough fight."

- Rick Farris

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