Thursday, June 02, 2011

Louie Burke: Update on Austin Trout

By Louie Burke

Camp “No Doubt
Austin’s first defense is definitely a genuine concern. The Bible of Boxing, Ring Magazine has Austin’s opponent David “The Destroyer” Lopez listed at number 8 in the world and the most avoided Middleweight in boxing! At 6’2” and southpaw, it’s easy to understand why Lopez has been avoided. Having been avoided himself, Austin knows what it’s like waiting for the dream opportunity of fighting for the world championship and now that he has it he doesn’t plan on letting it go. 
Austin’s had a solid camp with sparring being imported from Baltimore, MD in the likes of undefeated Cecil McCalla and 16-3-1 Maxell Taylor, who’s coming off a spectacular TKO win two weeks ago. Also jumping in for a piece of Austin has been, Lubbock’s Edward Hernandez and Las Crucen, Siju Shabazz. Austin’s has had some tough sparing with McCalla, Taylor, and Hernandez hammering out an intense 12 rounds on Saturday and Tuesday! Camp is still in it’s peak stages, but will start tapering off at the end of the week.
"The Destroyer" isn’t going to be a walk in the park. He hasn’t lost a fight in 6 years and has beaten the likes of Jerson Rivello, Lonnie BradleyDanny Lopez, Saul Roman and Quirino Garcia! Winning the IBA Middleweight championship along the way. Lopez is a good boxer/puncher and has shattered many a dream, dismantling opponents in a methodical manner. Austin knows this and is well prepared and ready to show the world he deserves being champion. 
The date and location has been finalized ( we think) on June 11th in San Luis Potosi, Mex. It will be Televised on Telavisa and a week later on Fox Sports Network. 
Thanks for the support fight fans! 

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