Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez vs Alfonso Gomez

Photos by Gene Blevins/Hoganphotos
By Randy De La O

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Alfonso Gomez will be fighting on the undercard (sort of) tonight. Alvarez vs Gomez will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Their fight is the main event at that sight but on the HBO PPV their fight will be on the undercard, so to speak. I think it will be a good fight.

I happen to like both of these guys, though I do think at this point in his career, regardless of his age, "Canelo" is a bit overrated and over protected, but that's not his fault (yet). He still needs a lot of work, especially on defense but that should come with time.

Gomez is a guy you just can't help but like. I mean, how can you not root for Gomez? Now here is a guy that, more than anyone else, has made the most of his appearance on NBC's boxing reality show, "The Contender", a few years back, and here is a guy that could have griped to Kingdom Come when, after beating Peter Manfredo Jr on the fair and square, he was forced to fight him a second time after another contestant left the show and Manfredo was called back. Manfredo won the second fight. If they ended their fights with one and one, why was Manfredo allowed to fight Sergio Mora for the Contender title? The fair and honest thing to do would have been to make it two out of three. Gomez got screwed. I'm not saying Gomez would have beaten Mora but I do think he's the one that should have been given the chance. I'm digressing, I know, but I had to get that off my chest.

Gomez to be fair, is a limited fighter and most likely would have languished in obscurity if not for the "Contender", but it's his huge heart that has made me and just about everyone else a fan. He's my kind of fighter. He's always plugging away, always trying, always giving a 100%. I'm hoping that somewhere along the line, maybe tonight, he'll have a "Rocky" like moment in his career. He's fought and beat a few good guys, like the late Arturo Gotti, though to be fair to Gotti, he was at the end of a great career. He never fought again. He's stepped into the ring with Miguel Cotto, Jesus Soto Karass and Jose Luis Castillo. Castillo, like Gotti, was caught at the end of his career. Gomez is a deserving guy.

That's not to say that Canelo isn't a deserving guy. Like Gomez, I think he has his limitations but with the backing this guy has, he might as well have won a gold medal. His career is moving along like a juggernaut against mediocre opponents and he is not quite 100% deserving of his place in the upper echelon of boxing, someday maybe, just not yet. Still, his future looks bright.

Tonight, I'm throwing common sense, logic and conventional wisdom out the window and I'm going with my heart. It seems like the right thing to do! I'll be rooting for Gomez.


Rick said...

Remember you heard it here first!!! Sam Magee's heavyweight boxer John Guthrie is making a comeback. Rumor is he is training on his own in Waco and is the real deal. The heavyweight division needs some excitement. Let's hope this is the truth.

Boxing Shop said...

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same John Guthrie from Waco/Austin area that fought in the 90's ?

Anonymous said...

Canelo is Great! Good insight on article.
Heavyweight John Guthrie training is no longer a rumor. It's a fact. He's got a gym in Temple Texas. Last I heard he was just a few months away from announcing a fight. He still has his heavy hitting power but is much older and is carrying more weight. I'm sure he will be exciting to watch with that power but I doubt he will be a serious threat to the top 20 in the division.

Anonymous said...

I hope Canelo gets Floyd next. Want to see top boxers compete.

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