Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time Magazine February 27, 1978: Muhammad Ali Cover


Time Magazine from February 27, 1978. The title of the magazine is referring to Ali’s loss to Leon Spinks earlier that month., Of course, we know now that Ali would pull the rabbit out of the hat one more time, later that year, avenging his loss to Spinks with a 15 round unanimous decision, and making boxing history by becoming the first heavyweight champion to win the title a third time. Ali would fight twice after the second Spinks fight, Losing his fight with Larry Holmes when he was unable to come out for the 11th round in their scheduled 15 round title fight in October of 1980. In December of 1981 he would lose a 10 round decision to Trevor Berbick..

I remember there was talk at that time of Ali letting Spinks win the fight so he could come back and win the title for the third time. I never believed that. Looking at the photo of Ali, I see a picture of a beaten man.

Ali remains one of my favorite all time fighters.

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Eddie Oleata said...

Ali is the greatest, no question. kBut he took more punishment in his last 6 or 7 fights than all of the rest of them put together. He won half of thoser fights with his cunning profe4ssionalism and his ability to take punishment.

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