Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gennady Golovkin vs Matthew Macklin

Golovkin delivering the final blow - a left hook to the liver
By: Randy De La O

If Sergio Martinez has any sense at all, he'll stretch out his injuries until his retirement because there is a monster on the horizon by the name of Gennady Golovkin waiting for him.

Last night Golovkin stopped Matthew Macklin halfway through the third round with a devastating left hook to the liver that dropped Macklin like a fallen tree. Even more than the knockout was the ease in which in which Golovkin handled Macklin. Macklin, who was expected to finally test Golovkin, never really stood a chance against against the IBO/WBA Champion. It was not so much a fight as it was a "Destruction Derby" with Golovkin rolling over him like a monster truck.

I don't know who or what it will take to beat this guy but I don't see anyone in the middleweight division that can beat this guy, let alone be willing to try.

Golovkin is like a hunter going after his prey. Cool as a cumber carrying a big gun and lot's of bad intentions!

MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut
IBO and WBA Middleweight titles
Golovki stops Macklin at 1:22 of the third round

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