Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bradley Defeats Marquez

Photo Courtesy of RingTV.Com

By Randy De La O

Juan Manuel Marquez...

There is something that looms in a great fighter's horizon. It is something called Karma. If you fight long enough you will eventually run headlong into it. It is unavoidable if you fight past the expiration date. Karma is a bitch!

Whatever is meted out during a great and long career is eventually meted out to you in return, in boxing and in life. Boxing is a great sport and when you make a decision to be a fighter, you do so knowing full well, that at some point you may be humbled, hurt or worse. It's a built in part of the sport. Most are in denial of this but in the quiet times you can be keenly aware of this.

Karma came to cash in her chips with Juan Manuel Marquez last night. For Marquez it was one fight too many. Like almost every other fighter before him, he wanted more.

Is it time for Marquez to retire? Well. that's his decision not mine but if he had asked me (I don't know why he didn't) I would have told him "You just had one of the greatest knockouts in boxing history against the man most think is the pound for pound king. You got your justice, hang'em up"!

No, he wanted one more title belt around his waist. Maybe if I was good enough I would have done the same, who knows? The fact remains, there comes a time when you just can't pull the trigger anymore.

Tim Bradley...

He was right about one thing. it is his time. Floyd Mayweather better not stop to look over his shoulder because someone is gaining on him. Bradley fought a very good fight last night, a very smart fight. It was a great performance in a good fight. He's making his case for his pound for pound ranking. Congratulations to Tim Bradley on his victory.

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