Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Muhammad Ali

By Randy De La O

Ali was free with advice and willingly shared his wisdom with us. I read years ago where Ali said (I'm paraphrasing) "If you want to fight you have to do your roadwork. Don't wait til the morning to get your gear ready. If you have to start looking for everything in the morning it's just too easy to change your mind and go back to bed. Get everything ready the night before!"

I know from experience that this is true. To this day, when I want to walk or run,these words pop into my head and I get everything ready the night before.

Thank you Muhammad Ali!

Muhammad Ali passed through this world like a comet or meteor blazing across the skies. Burning brightly and lighting the night with his passion. So brightly did he shine that when his career was over he was no longer the same. It seems like the darkness of his post boxing career was in direct proportion to his light. I think Ali gave his all to boxing and to his fans. There will be other heavyweight champions, maybe even some great heavyweight champions but we will never see the likes of Muhammad Ali again!

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