Sunday, October 09, 2016

Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor Has Passed

By Randy De La O

Sad news today One of the fighters that made the 1980's one of the greatest era in boxing, Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor, has passed away. He was one half of one of the greatest fights from that era. The other half was Alexis Arguello. Pryor twice beat Arguello in the early 1980's, defending his Jr.Welterweight title in the process. Their first fight, in particular, has become part of boxing's historical, almost mythical lore.

Pryor was a non stop, forward moving, quick thinking force of nature. How we could use a fighter like him today!

Our condolences to his family , friends and his many fans across the country and the world.
Rest in Peace Aaron Pryor! And thank you!

Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor

For a younger generation, who may or may not truly understand why us old guys cling to the past. This was boxing! This was fighting!

Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguello I. A fight for the ages! Rest in Peace Champs!

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