Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Louie Burke's New Mexico Boxing Update

By Louie Burke

Like starting up a freight train from a complete stop, getting Austin and Abie fights this year has been slow, but hopefully will gain momentum as did a very productive 2009. Austin’s #1 world ranking with the WBA has been bitter sweet. Austin loves activity and will fight on a drop of a hat, but his activity level has been crippled due to the slow process of trying to pin down a fight with the Japanese, Nobuhiro Ishida, the WBA interim champ.

Our understanding was the winner of this fight would fight the winner between Foreman/Cotto. It’s been made clear to Austins management that he cannot take a "tune-up" without the possibility of losing his number #1 ranking. The frustration is that we were told the fight would be in January, then the end of February, then March, then April, now it’s supposed to be May 8th ! How in the hell do you prepare! The B.S. of boxing; nothing can be done about it but be ready right? Right! And he will be!

Abie Han will be fighting in Monterrey, Mex., March 27th against veteran Ulises Duarte, 19-21-1 on the Erik Morales/Jose Alfaro card which will be televised iNDEMAND. As always Abie is preparing hard for this figh, at this time we don’t know much about Duarte. Abies looking good in the gym after shaking off the holiday cobwebs.

We were extremely disappointed that Golden Boy wouldn’t put Abie on the Escalante show. Abie and his sister Jennifer are ticket sellers in El Paso and we were willing to give up weight and experience to get them on the card, but to no avail. Again the B.S. of boxing.
2010 should be a breakout year for Abie, there are several good fighters in New Mexico and Colorado, at or around Abie’s weight that would be barn burner fights if the matches can be made. In order to get such fights, Abie is willing to give up a little weight and a lot of experience. As long as he stays healthy, I’m looking for him to have a great year.

David Rodriguez is back on track, fighting Daniel Bispo, 22-12 on the same card in Monterrey that Abie is fighting on. David had some action packed fights last year against Manual Pucheta and Robert Davis, but was derailed when he had to handle some personal issues, including the death of his sister. He’s promised me that he will stay focused this year and will stay busy, which will enable him to secure a big fight. "Stay true to the dream"

A huge thanks for the miniature handcrafted glove that Jerry Martinez and the o’le school Roswell Pugs, gave my brother, Rocky and Myself, keep up the good work!


jd said...

Really enjoyed reading this - this blog is true the spirit of regional boxing, which is the boxing I loved. Grew up watching boxing in southern California on local TV. Please keep the regional reports coming!

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