Friday, April 30, 2010

Louie Burke's New Mexico Boxing Updates

Abie Han and Tim Meek in big fights this week!

By Louie Burke

It’s official, El Paso’s Abie Han will be fighting in Dallas, Tx on May 6 against Jose Gonzalez. Gonzalez is a tough cookie that went toe to toe with Joaquin Zamora in a see-saw battle that saw Zamora, get up off the deck to win a tough decision over Gonzalez. Gonzalez also has two amateur wins over Abie, stopping Abie both times.

But I feel Abie is a much better fighter and has improved greatly over the last 3 years. This is a great test for Abie, who is in superb condition and ready to go the scheduled 8 rounds if need be. Abie has been getting some good ring work with Tim Meek, who’s representing NM and Colorado in the National Golden Gloves, Austin Trout and Charley "A-Bomb" Alverenga. Abie should be finishing up his sparring tomorrow, and winding down for his fight next Thursday.

Also, Tim Meek, has improved tremendously and looks ready to bring home a national Golden Glove Title back to New Mexico and El Paso. He’ll be facing some of the stiffest competition in the nation at 165. Luis Arias, who has been #1 in that weight division for at least a couple of years now is one of the potential boxers Tim could be going up against. At this point, we’re confident that Tim can handle what’s put in front of him. Good Luck in Arkansas!

We’re still waiting for Ishida to sign to fight Austin. We’ve waited 5 months and haven’t heard anything! In the mean time we’ve had to turn down some good ops, so Austin doesn’t lose his #1 mandatory spot. What BS! Austin did go to Youngstown, Ohio to prepare Kelly Pavlik for his last fight, in which he lost his title, at least this kept Austin active and sharp.

Thanks for all the your support!

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