Saturday, September 10, 2011

HBO PPV: Mayweather vs. Ortiz - Fight Preview

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brian said...

Hopefully,Victor Ortiz doesn't get overconfident-with him,probably anything less than a zillion to one against him,must seem like the biggest joke in the world or bust a hand(Mayweather claimed hand problems in Castillo I) or get screwed by the judges.Interesting that a clip of Hatton was used(not a real legit welter)-and Mayweather reneged on the agreeable weight with the other little guy,Juan Marquez.Before moving up,there was Arturo Gatti(should've retired after the Mickey Ward wars)and Diego Corrales(too weak from making 130).Mayweather has been getting by.All things considered,as Ortiz says,"Mayweather is done."But I expect Ortiz's knockdown streak to continue.

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