Saturday, November 12, 2011

Austin Trout Stops Frank La Porto

Photo Courtesy of Showtime Boxing

By Randy De La O

Austin Trout thoroughly and completely dominated the fight last night against Frank La Porto, at the Cohen Stadium in El Paso, Texas. The fight ended as Trout had hoped but the fight went differently than expected. La Porto was a tough nut to crack, especially when, after being dropped in the first round, he seemed to be in survival mode. He did however, show a lot of heart and courage but he was outclassed by a superior fighter in Trout.

My one fear, after watching Alfredo Angulo punch himself out last week, after almost knocking out James Kirkland, was that Trout would do the same thing. I needn't have worried, Trout was in excellent shape. He looked like he could have gone 15 rounds last night.

Trout's corner, led by Louie Burke, was calm between the rounds as they kept their fighter focused on the job at hand. Trout, who lives in nearby Las Cruces, New Mexico, had the home court advantage last night. The pro-Trout crowd was on it's feet the entire fight. The knockout never came but by the 6th round, La Porto, a thoroughly beaten fighter, his will and heart gone, was saved by merciful referee, Rafael Ramos. I don't believe La Porto would have lasted another round. After the fight, La Porto's face looked brutally beaten but it was expression that said it all.

More than anything else, I was impressed by Austin after the fight, during the post fight interview. When asked to rate his performance and his future, Trout's reply was, “I felt like I did my thing. If anybody feels like I don’t deserve this belt, please come and take it.”

Mostly though, I was impressed by the way Trout conducted himself; confident and sure of himself but without the usual braggadocio and trash talking so common in young fighters and other athletes. Trainer Louie Burke and company have done an outstanding job. Congratulations Champ!

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