Friday, September 13, 2013

Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

By Randy De La O

Of all the sayings, adages and quotes that run through boxing, one holds truer than most, "It's boxing and anything can happen" or as Larry Merchant is so fond of saying "Boxing is the theater of the unexpected".

On one hand we have one fighter who thus far has remained undefeated throughout his career, winning all 44 of his fights (though many feel he got a gift in his first fight with Jose Luis Castillo) and with one exception he has fought all comers. He has the experience, however, he is 36 years of age going into this fight and though he looked great in his last fight with Robert Guerrero, there is always that chance that this will be the fight where it all catches up with him.

On the other hand we have another fighter, also undefeated in 43 fights - one of those fights a four round draw early in his career - younger, stronger, confident and with KO power in his hands. Though he is undefeated and has fought some good fighters, including Austin Trout, he has fought nowhere near the same quality of opposition that Mayweather has.

We know who Mayweather is and what he is capable of, so the question is: Is Alvarez really as good as he seems or is he the product of smart marketing and promoting? my guess is a little of both. I think he has better than a punchers chance in this fight.

Alvarez will need to cut off the ring on Mayweather - no easy task - and go to the body early and use his jab. Nothing that hasn't already been tried by anyone and everyone.

All that being said I believe Floyd Mayeather Jr. will win a 12 round unanimous decision over Canelo Alvarez. Too fast, too smart, to mobile and he knows how to "Avoid" and he knows how to win.

My hope is for an honest, exciting fight with no controversy.

I also hope Alvarez is up to the job at hand because I'll be pulling for him to knock out Mayweather. Hey!! It's boxing and anything can happen!

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