Sunday, September 29, 2013

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, vs Brian Vera: A Criminal Decision

By Randy De La O

Last night's fight (and I use that word embarrassingly) between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Brian Vera, turned out to be a one sided ass whupping by the underdog journeyman Vera. yet, despite all the obvious evidence proving otherwise, the judges still awarded a unanimous decision to Chavez. The gap was so wide it border's on criminal. Judges Carla Caiz scored the fight 96-94, Marty Denkin 97-93 and Gwen Adair 98-92.

Chavez Jr has proven to have no respect for the sport of boxing, or for boxing fans for that matter. Not when he refuses to train, parties like there is no tomorrow, can't pass a drug test and whines like five year old brat.

I was hoping to see Vera KO Chavez because that is the only way anyone will win a fight. Come to think of it, if Chavez were to be knock out it would probably result in a draw, or perhaps a disqualification for hitting Chavez too hard. Who knows anymore?

Chavez Sr deserves much of the blame too. Not just for last night's “fight” but for mollycoddling his son throughout his career. In my opinion, and in the opinion of men I know, a father's job is to raise his son to be a man, to stand on his own two feet and accept the consequences of his actions. Chavez Sr taught none of these things to his son, and as a result, one of the greatest surnames in boxing has been reduced to a joke.

Brian Vera out hustling and out fighting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

I don't want see a rematch, Chavez doesn't deserve one. Vera doesn't need one because he, along with everyone else, knows who won that fight. His stock went up last night. My advice to Vera? Simple, leave HBO and go with Showtime.

I love boxing and it angers and embarrasses me when this sort of thing happens in our sport. Boxing is alive and well but it has often times been up against the ropes. I believe any fighter that is getting paid is obligated to train and perform - win, lose or draw - to the best of his or her ability. To do otherwise destroys the credibility of boxing.

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