Thursday, February 20, 2014


Arturo Gatti

If you are a fight fan (shame on you if you're not!), you most likely have a favorite fighter, maybe several. But for a true dyed in the wool fight fan it isn't always about winning or losing. When I see an average fighter giving it his best shot against someone that is clearly a better fighter, my heart begins to cheer for him. A true fighter can be beat, but his spirit remains undefeated and unbowed. He (or she) will fight until he (or she) is knocked out, or the ref stops the fight. I will always support these types of fighters. These are the guys (and gals) that make up the bulk of boxing.

It's always easy to sit on the sidelines and see someone get beat, maybe even made to look amateurish but it takes more than most people possess to step into a ring and do battle with another man or woman.

It's that way in life too. Take that loss, shake it off and move on. Let your spirit remain undefeated!

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