Saturday, August 09, 2014

Roberto Duran

My wife Jeri is always looking out for me. She found this in an Antique shop earlier this week. The June 1980 issue of Ring Mundial, a Spanish language boxing magazine, featuring the legendary fighter Roberto Duran. 1980 is arguably the best and worst year of his outstanding career. At the time of this magazine cover photo he was on top of the world. The pages from the article are all tucked away inside the frame beneath the cover photo.

The timing for this find could not be better. Roberto Duran is being inducted this weekend into Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Roberto Duran for receiving this great honor. Roberto Duran is on the short list of the all time great's pound for pound list, and certainly on mine!

Thanks to my wife Jeri De La O for thinking of me.

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