Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Reflections of a Legend" Julio Cesar Chavez

By Randy De La O

A moving memory and tribute to one of the all time great fighters, not just a great Mexican fighter, but an all time great period.

I remember those days when Chavez was young and in his prime. My house was always full, the food was plenty and the beer was flowing on a Julio Cesar Chavez fight night. If you are a boxing fan, and Mexican American or Mexican, Chavez gave you a reason to stand a little taller. This man carried our pride on his shoulders.

It did not last forever. The first sign that the end was nearing was the draw with Pernell Whitaker. I can say now what I could not say back then. Whitaker should have got the "W". Next a loss to Frankie Randall. Without recounting his entire career Chavez had more victories and more losses ahead of him.

There is no shame in that. This is the way it is with all men. With women it is their beauty that fades. With men it is our strength, our fighting prowess and courage, that we want to last forever. It doesn't. Boxing is a microcosm of life. Nothing lasts forever, not even the greatest of fighters. The end always comes, regardless.

In his prime Julio Cesar Chavez was a man to be reckoned with. He was a champion for the ages. It was enough.


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