Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey: On Talks of a Rematch..

.There has been a little talk about a rematch. In my opinion because of the ease in which Holm beat Rousey, unless there is a rematch clause written into the contract, a rematch cannot be justified. Holm will win every time out whether Rousey chooses to grapple or stand and fight.

Getting hit in the face and body is no easy task. This is something all boxers train for every single day of their careers. Perhaps if Rousey had some fights where someone actually punched back she might have developed that mental resistance that is a big part of boxing.

Taking a beating like she did, in what I see as her first real fight, may very well make her gun shy. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my guess.

I don't think she will be able to fight any natural puncher again without second guessing herself. To grapple, she needs to get up close and if she gets up close she's going to get hit. The slightest hesitation will change everything.

My advice to Rousey or any other MMA fighter, is if you want to box then become a boxer. It's the only way to develop that mental resistance to getting hit. A few sessions just will not cut it. Boxing, as Rousey found out last night, might look easy from the outside but it's more than just learning how to throw a punch correctly. It's about developing what we like to refer to as "the intangibles", or "the stuff" inside. It can be learned and developed but it cannot be taught. There is only one way.

This is why so many people in the boxing world were upset when Rousey recently made the cover of the Ring Magazine without ever stepping into the ring and facing a real fighter. Now you understand.
All is not lost Ronda. get some real fights under your belt and then give it another shot. It's up to you!

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