Friday, December 04, 2015


Rocky 1976
Yesterday marked the 39th year since the movie "Rocky" was released. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that. One of the great highlights of my short time in boxing was working as an extra in the movie, meeting Sylvester Stallone, having lunch with Burgess Meredith and working with some great fighters, including Mando Ramos and Monroe Brooks.

When we took a break during the scene at the Main Street Gym, where Rocky and Mickey are arguing, Monroe asked me if I wanted to spar a few rounds. I said "Okay" and I went through six rounds of boxing 101 with Monroe. Sparring with Monroe was literally an educating boxing experience. I never forgot it.

The filming at the gym took three days. I remember it all like it was yesterday.I went to the opening with my wife Jeri, my parents and my brother Dennis. When the movie was over the audience stood, cheered and clapped. We knew then that it was something special. It won the Oscar for best picture for 1976. It remains a great memory for me and it is still my favorite boxing movie.

Rocky 1976
Rocky and me

Rocky 1976

My thanks to my friend Rene Ramirez for finding the above photo of a deleted scene from the 1976 movie "Rocky". The scene was filmed at the Main Street Gym in Downtown Los Angeles. I'm on the left in white trunks and wearing hand wraps. The older man in the white shirt is my late manager/trainer Mel Epstein.Just to the front of me is Boxer Monroe Brooks. In the center of the photo is actor Stan Shaw. On the right is Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed.

Rocky 1976
That's me peeking over Stallone's shoulder.

Rocky 1976
Above and below, sparring with Monroe Brooks in the movie

Rocky 1976

Rocky 1976

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