Monday, September 24, 2007

Bobby Chacon

Bobby Chacon was another fighter that trained at the Main Street Gym in Los Angeles from time to time. I happened to be working out one day when Bobby and Danny "Little Red" Lopez sparred. Danny was managed by Howie Steindler, the owner of the gym. Bobby was managed by Joe Ponce. Bobby had KO'ed Danny a few years earlier and his career soared. By this time in 1975 Danny's star was rising and Chacon was struggling to keep his career alive (this was before his great Rocky like comeback in the 80's).

The gym had come to a screeching halt and everyone crowded the ring apron to see these two crosstown rivals go at it. we were not disappointed. I would have paid good money to have seen these to do battle, but as it was I got a free show. These guys would not give an inch, and I can tell you, this was not a sparring match, this was a fight. If I had to choose a winner, I think I would have given the edge to Chacon, but not by much.

Bobby Chacon had an amazing career. It had three stages. The early seventies when he first won the featherweight title. The floundering years in the mid to late seventies, and his amazing comeback as Lightweight Champ in the early eighties, culminating with his blood and guts fights with Cornealeas Boza-Edwards and Raphael Bazooka Limon. Bobby gave his all in the ring and real boxing fans will always have a place in their hearts for this little giant. The last I heard he was suffering from pugilistica dementia (punch drunk). I wish him the best of luck. Lopez of course went on to have great career himself until he ran into a kid by the name of Salvador Sanchez. You can see Bobby's record here and Danny's here.


Anonymous said...

First of all..welcome back!I would've killed to see the sparring session between Chacon and Lopez-both guys were way before their time.Nobody ever deserved big paydays more.

Randy De La O said...

Thanks! Good to be back. yeah, both those guys were great. We could use them now. They didn't get paid anywhere near what they deserved.

Anonymous said...

Randy you always deliver man!

I wonder if you know what gyms Puerto Ricans use while in LA for fights. I know Juan Caeazo, my friend and gymmate, fought Gilberto Roman at the Forum for the WBC Super Bantamweight title in 1989, and Sammy Fuentes also fought in LA a few times..and Carlos Gerena got his behind whupped by Genaro Hernandez at the forum too lol!

I love your writings,specially since you highlight the Hispanic brothers and sisters in boxing,

Thanks and God bless you!
Sincerely yours,
Antonio Santiago
Feature Boxing Writer
"The Heart of Boxing"
former fashion writer

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