Thursday, May 21, 2009

Abie Han report: weigh-ins

From Louie Burke

After a Long drawn Out weigh-in, which was scheduled for 2:00 and didn’t take place til about 4:30 the starving, thirsty fighters were finally weighed. Luckily Abie ate a good breakfast and was hydrated, but most of the other fighters appeared to be suffering as they had to wait for the commissioners to shuffle through the mess of paperwork and then wait again for the doctor to show up. When it finally got under way, abraham and Ibahiem were called to the scales.

Abie Han weighed in at 155, a pound under the 156 contracted weight and his opponent Ibahiem King was two pounds under coming in at 154. Both looked lean and are fighting at a lower weight than they fought in the amateur ranks.

During the face off, matchmaker Vince Parra was hollering out "this is the fight of the night" referring to Abie’s and King’s fight. The fight’s scheduled for 6 rounds, a first for Abie and the second go ‘round for King. I have to agree with Vince and foresee a tough battle, but feel good about Abie’s pre fight preparation.

After the weigh-in we found a pasta joint and put down a hefty plate of angel hair with red meat sauce, drank plenty of water and toped it off with a dish of spamoni ice cream. We then went for a walk and had Vince take us to the hotel to rest and watch the NBA play-offs.
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