Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Burke’s blog: Han arrives in San Diego

Blog by Louie Burke

Abie Han and I arrived in San Diego yesterday where we were picked up by matchmaker Vince Parra. He took us to the hotel where we changed into our workout gear to finish off our last workout, and to see what Abie’s weight was.

After the workout, Abie was 156, which is the contracted weight. He looked and felt ready for Thursday night’s fight with Ibahiem King, a 6-0 middleweight from West Palm Beach, Florida.

The event is promoted by Rogue Boxing Promotions and will be the first of a series of fights at the San Diego Hardrock Hotel. Tickets sales seem to be doing very well and a few celebrities will be in the audience.

We look forward to fighting King, he’s a crafty south-paw, much like “No Doubt” Austin Trout. We had great lefty sparring in preparation for the fight, working with Austin and Rene Armijo.

After doing our homework, we know that King will be a true test, and someone not to be taken lightly. At 3-0 we would have liked to get someone a little softer, but it’s been impossible to find an opponent for Abie anywhere in the southwest. We’ve reached out to big promoters with no avail. So, in order to keep active, we decided to jump up a few levels, feeling confident we’ll land feet first.

No matter the outcome, we’ve been promised a few more spots this year with Rogue Boxing Promotions.

Weigh-ins are today at 2:00 p.m.

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