Sunday, August 25, 2013

Showtime Boxing: Jhonny Gonzalez and Leo Santa Cruz Stop Their Opponents

I missed he fights last night because Time Warner cable is no longer carrying Showtime (along with CBS and several other channels). I was shocked to hear that Jhinny Gonzalez KO'ed Abner Mares. My pick was Mares, I thought he would prove to be too much for Gonzalez. You just never know. Kudos to Gonzalez, one tough kid!

Leo Santa Cruz just continues to impress. Showtime continues to move ahead of HBO in the quality of matches they have given us over the last couple of years.

A post fight interview with Abner Mares. One classy guy. He makes no excuses. He'll be back. He was asked what he needs to work on. His answer was "Everything". He got caught, it happens. It's a learning experience. One thing I notice about a lot of young fighter, is that they keep their hands too low and their chins too high. Whatever happened to keeping your chin tucked behind your shoulders? Keeping your hands up? These are the basics.

Post fight interview with Leo Santa Cruz

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