Wednesday, March 25, 2015


By Randy De La O

Let me also say this, regardless of who wins the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayeather and Manny Pacquiao, Both fighter's are deserving of our respect. Paquiao gets the "lion's share" of good will, and deservedly so but Mayweather deserves come credit as well. A lot of good goes unreported or leaked to the sports press very slowly. He's free with his money when it comes to helping those in need. I cannot cite any one act but I have read over the years on some of the good things he has done. My daughter Meranda De La O met him once a few years ago in Las Vegas, and found him to be humble, soft spoken and generous with his time. I'm convinced much of his loud talking is for the most part, an act. 

I am no fan of Mayweather one way or the other and I'm not in the habit of defending him but he is a champion and has remained undefeated for years. No one gave him his title. it was earned and it was defended. We should all be so capable.

Manny Pacquiao!! What a career. If he loses the fight it doesn't matter, or at least it shouldn't. From humble beginnings to world champion in several weight classes to a heroic champion to the people of the Philippines. Along the way he took on all comers and ducked no one. Nothing but respect for this man!

The two have signed and it is said to be a done deal. Let's give respect to both men and let's hope it lives up to a fraction of the hype!

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TNL said...

OT: For the upcoming May 2 megafight, Manny Pacquiao says that Mayweather needs to be aggressive so that fans will be able to see a spectacular fight.

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