Thursday, March 15, 2007

George Foreman

The old saying "If I knew then, what I know now" was never more fitting then when George Foremen fought Muhommad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle. The resurrected Foreman that emerged in his comeback in 1986 was a much more complete fighter and had greater endurance and stamina, something he did not have the first time around and he finally became a man with a fight plan. While he might or might not have beaten Ali, I think he would have beaten just about anyone else. Mike Tyson would have had no more luck against him than Joe Frazier. Lennex Lewis has been knocked out by lesser men than Foremen. And it's hard to imagine Joe Louis, Dempsey or Rocky Marciano standing up to his punch, which is generally regarded as one of the best in boxing history.

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brian said...

Exactly!...Ali basically conned Foreman-then a young headcase out of their fight.Foreman's loss to my favorite heavy of the era,Jimmy Young(I'm pretty sure I'min a small minority)pushed him to the greatest comeback of anyone I can think of-sports or otherwise.I rate him historically as the greatest heavyweight.

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