Friday, February 29, 2008

Holyfield vs Tyson III? Say it Ain't so!

There are rumors flying around that Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson might be seeking a third fight. I certainly hope not . I don't know who has more left in the tank at this point in their careers, and really, it doesn't matter. Neither of these guys should be fighting anymore. More so for Evander Holyfield than Mike Tyson. He owns two wins over Tyson and has nothing left to prove.

He should be more worried about preserving his legacy than seeking meaningless wins over any of the fighters he has fought lately. A win over Tyson at this point in his career would add nothing to his overall record, a loss to Tyson would tarnish his legacy.

Beyond either Holyfield or Tyson, the credibility of boxing is at stake. You might say that boxing is currently up against the ropes right now, figuratively speaking, with the emergence of UFC/MMA and Floyd Mayweather Jr. joining the ranks of WWE, the last thing we need is to give fight fans another reason to look elsewhere for excitement and “legitimate” fights.

Hang’em up Evander and enjoy life, spend time with your grandchildren, become a trainer, pass on the skills and keep what’s left of your ears. You were the best heavyweight of your era and that includes Lennox Lewis, whom you fought when you were past your prime. You had an admirable career. With every fight you continue to diminish your career. It is time now to let history and time record your proper place in boxing history.


brian said...

I get up from a high from Vazquez-Marquez-and now this;say it ain't so is right.I have read the same thing.I thought there was somethin' in the water.I really don't wanna see either guy fight again and this will most likely be a PPV fight.Boxingwise,I'd say the issue has been settled;Holyfield will always beat Tyson.This should've been saved for an April Fools announcement(along with Andrew Golota apparently getting another title shot).

brian said...

Unfortunately,almost everything I've picked up on MMA has been on boxing sites/telecasts.They couldn't even leave Vazquez-Marquez alone.Showtime- just had to have-some chick talking about "submission holds" with some other MMA "maven"-and Goldberg(I should've knocked him out in Hebrew School) advertising this bs before the fight.Floyd Mayweather was right,he said:"Anybody can put a tattoo on their head and get into a streetfight."Since the're so big on 'who would win a fight between a dog and a cat,maybe the "boxing community" can suggest they advertise their nonsense with the National Hockey League;their "mantra"...fighting is fighting is fighting can be tested by having these guys slug it out on skates with NHL enforcers.

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